A Prayer for Marriage by Dr.Jené Walker

Through the power of the Holy Spirit and in the authority of the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we are asking You O God to bless the entity of marriage, married couples, and prospective marriages.

1. Restore. Bring back the trust, love, communication, unity, and whatever else that was lost.
2. Rekindle. Bring back the passion, love, and chemistry that was once there at just the sight of him.
3. Return. Bring back the commitment that was once so deeply rooted in our hearts that no matter what happens we will never leave each other; we are totally committed to God, thus we are totally committed to each other.
4. Renew. Bring back the freshness to our relationships and make them like new again. Bring back new desires for and new attraction to our one and only spouse.
5. Remove. Take away all bitterness, lack, miscommunication, silence, stubbornness, hurt, unforgiveness, fear, and anything else that isn’t like You, Lord.

Marriages need healing. Lord the enemy is sneaking around and whispering to outsiders, using us to come between marriages. The enemy is hurling every attack of the mind at us to keep husband and wife in conflict and in bondage. We need a hedge of protection around marriages. Bless marriages God, like only You can do. With You all things are possible. We believe You for a healing today in Jesus’s name. Jené Elaine Walker

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