Its Fasting Season ( Post 11): If I’m Still Going Through Trials What Am I Fasting For by Dr.J.

#FastingDay11 Because you’ve made it for 11 days or a few days during the last two weeks doesn’t mean the attacks will stop coming. Oh noooo. The enemy is about to increase the level of frequency and intensity of his attacks against you – more attacks on the job, at home, in your finances, with people conspiring against you in secret, in your relationship and with your children. “What’s the difference then? Why am I fasting?” I’m glad you asked:

•a hedge of protection around you shielding from the attacks, schemes, wiles, traps, foolishness, and drama

•peace that has you asking the devil, “that’s all you’ve got” in the midst of the attacks

•favor in the midst or fighting

•God fighting for you and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty

•inward, inner transformation so that the attacks don’t even affect you the way they used to

•increase during the attacks

Please believe the fast is not in vain. Don’t let the enemy trick you. God is in control. He sees you. He’s with you. He will honor you during and after this fast because you’re honoring Him. Dr.J.

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