It’s Fasting Season (Post 10): Fasting, Indescribably Amazing

#FastingDay10 Fasting is extremely personal and intimate. You get to a place in God at which you can hear Him speak to you. You can’t separate Him from anything you do. You take Him to the spa, to the movies, and to Bible study. He’s in you and with you simultaneously.

God guides you through your fast. He isn’t rigid, critical, and condemning. The Holy Spirit leads you through it. Eat this. Don’t eat that. Drink now.

Pray now. Study now. Call her and give her a Word. Inbox her this scripture. Inbox him this meditation. The bond is inexplicable. The sacrifice, undeniably beneficial.

Some of you are 10 days in. Don’t give in to yout fleshly cravings now. The results will be incredible. The journey itself is already indescribably amazing. Dr.J.

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