I’m Not Disappointed, I’m Content by Dr.J.

How do I deal with disappointments? When I focus on my wants and my will and my desires my hearts gets a sickened feeling. I can make myself miserable thinking of all the things I want and by staying in my feelings about not having those things.


I can pray about those things and make my requests known to God. Then, I have to take my mind completely off those things. Moment by moment because the flesh keeps pushing those thoughts in our heads.

Then I have to pray for the Holy Spirit to help me set my mind on heavenly things. See my focus has to be about getting to heaven and helping others get to heaven at all times. Yes, all times. Even when I take care of my son, work, take classes, and write, my focus has to be on heavenly things.

Then, I have to pray for peace about being in God’s will. What if the promotion, the wealth, the marriage are not in His will? I have to pray for contentment. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have faith in what God can and will do. It means that even if He doesn’t do it, I’m content. The blessings aren’t the focus, the relationship with God is.

About those disappointments…The enemy can’t use disappointments against me now because I am content. To stay here in my spiritual state of contentment I have to stay in the spirit. Moment by moment I say, “Lord give me peace, joy, and contentment in my current circumstances.” We are not disappointed, we are content. Dr.J.

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