It’s Fasting Season (Post 6): Be Sensitive to the Holy Spirit by Dr.J.

“Fasting keeps you sensitive to His Spirit, enabling You to live Holy.” -Jentzen Franklin

The Holy Spirit has something to say to you during this fast, things you haven’t been able to hear Him say because of all the noise of the world, the chatter of sin, and the commotion of self-gratification. But now as you suppress your physical desires, God can unleash His spiritual desires for you through His Spirit. You’ve had questions about what to do about a situation. You’ve been struggling with people being used against you. You’ve dealt with the emotional impact of being abandoned. Your finances are not enough to make ends meet. The enemy is trying to destroy your relationship or he has already. God says continue to sacrifice for intimacy with Him and read His Word and listen. Listen.

In addition, in order to truly hear the Holy Spirit, you must live holy. Holy means “set apart.” You can’t do any and everything during your fast and live a life that is different from the world at the same time. When you fast, you are so in tune with the Holy Spirit that the Spirit can whisper and you can hear Him and turn from the evil you were about to commit. But when you sin, the Holy Spirit can’t communicate with you because sin distorts your hearing and severs your relationship. Sin separates and deafens you too. Not living Holy while fasting is just, well, a diet. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that you can make the most out of your sacrifice for God. Dr.J.

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