Give it Up by Dr.J.

I know deep down inside you’ve been a little angry or disgruntled with God because He hasn’t done what you’ve asked Him to do yet. We’re about to make spiritual progress and be delivered. All this means is you haven’t truly relinquished your will and surrendered to God’s. Give it up. Give your will over to God in your spirit.

See, it “appears” that you’ve given it to Him because you don’t have the power to change your situation: you can’t make him stay, you can’t make money appear, you can’t make her faithful, you can’t make them promote you, you can’t make your symptoms go away, and you can’t make your child perfect. It seems as if you’ve “willingly” surrendered it to God. But if we gave our will up for God’s, why are we angry or disgruntled in our spirit if we really only want what God wants for us?

We have to want for ourselves what God wants for us even if it isn’t anything remotely close to what we’ve asked. He wants us at a spiritual place of total surrender. Reflect on things you’ve asked God to give you, change, or bless you with. Are any of those things too hard for God? No. Therefore, if He wanted us to have them, He could breathe one breath and it would be so. If it isn’t time or even if it isn’t in His will, we have to be at peace with God’s will. We have to give up our will for God’s divine purpose.

When we feel that irritation in our spirit, it lets us know that we need the Holy Spirit to help us to surrender. Lack of faith plays a part in our disgruntled attitude. How? Because if we really trust and have faith in God, we would know that His will is better than ours. Let’s stop “feigning” surrender and submission and ask the Holy Spirit to help us to really be content with God’s will. Help us give up our great plans for God’s sovereign plan. Give it up!

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