Manifesto For Men, For Kingship by Dr.J.

Men, the enemy hates you. He knows God created you as kings to subdue the earth. Imagine Satan slithering around that garden listening to God give you dominion over the areas he thought belonged to him. He watched you name all the beasts and birds and creeping things. Then he watched God give you a helpmate.

Think about all the strategic attacks Satan has made against men since that time. Men, you are dealing with ancient evil. He comes to your lady and tempts her just like he tempted Eve in the garden. So she challenges your manhood and nags you. Satan makes the gift of kingship feel like an impossible and overwhelming burden so that you literally run from your responsibilities, because he has told you that you don’t measure up and that you can’t reign.

Satan sets up people in the educational system who don’t understand how you learn or who purposely sabotage your educational opportunities. He sets up his people in government to perpetuate injustice to destroy you. He plants in you a male ego that rejects authority, and self-sabotage then aids the enemy in his schemes. He forever has you questioning your identity as a man as you struggle to fit in culturally or overcompensate for a lost or stolen identity.

Satan brings forth Sodom and Gomorrah spirits that have you longing for the same sex or innumerable women or both. He causes you to be bitter and angry because you know there is a king inside of you fighting to come out but you won’t let God elevate you to your throne. You’ve been frustrated by trying to do what only God can.

Satan has you taking a backseat in the church, the place you are truly called to reign, because without your spiritual wisdom, marriages and families suffer. You were called to lead your wife and children to God. Satan has you thinking it’s lame to read the Bible and study it. Satan has you so busy chasing paper that you avoid the words on the only paper that will set you free. Satan makes you wonder, What will my friends think? What will they say when I walk in my true purpose and they know everything about me?

Satan, you have been exposed.

Kings, rise up—not to be perfect, not to be flawless, but to be the kings God created you to be, to be the righteousness of God. Let God elevate you from right where you are. Seek Him like God’s kingdom depends on it, because it does. Teach your sons to be men. Teach them about dominion and kingship. Teach them the Word of God. Expose the enemy, Satan, lurking in schools, courtrooms, and uniforms. Men, when you change, people and situations around you will begin to change. You are kings. You still have dominion through Jesus Christ. Walk in authority and kingship from this moment forward.

3 thoughts on “Manifesto For Men, For Kingship by Dr.J.”

  1. I’m in a spiritual battle for my family. This article make since to me. Yes the enemy is trying his best to defeat me and my marriage and family . I’m praying and I’m putting on God’s armour daily and praying.
    I’m standing. The Battle belongs to the Lord
    The thief has been identified.


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