When the Fury Subsides

Don’t make irrational fleshly decisions that you will regret the very next day or sooner…

The flesh will cause us to be so full of pride that
if we don’t get our way immediately or in our timing, or
if someone embarrasses us, or
if we “look foolish” to the world, then
our prideful flesh compels us to make irrational decisions.

The flesh will cause us to make decisions just to “save face” in front of and prove a point to others. “Who does she think I am? No one does this to me!” The flesh will cause us to make a decision to run from situations that God orchestrated for us to grow us. The flesh will cause us to dismiss someone from our lives who God intended to be there.

Do you recognize that spirit of fury when it surfaces inside you? Do you recognize that it is a spirit of the enemy? The enemy wants you to make a decision to delay you from your destiny or to keep you from it permanently. Stay out of your flesh. Stop making decisions in the heat of a spiritual attack. Stop allowing the enemy to cloud your spiritual thinking with fleshly pride.

The enemy also uses people around you to validate the fleshly irrational decision you are about to make and cheer you on. Reflect on times you have been in the presence or counsel of others when you decided to do something crazy. They were inciting you to make the decision for one or more of a variety of reasons: 1) they wanted to see you do something foolish for entertainment, 2) the decision would benefit them personally, or 3) the decision would cause you to fail which is what they secretly desire. Be wary of those around you whose counsel is just as fleshly as your potential irrational decision.

King Xerxes was embarrassed when his wife refused to come to his party so he could showcase her in front of his guests- dignified dignitaries and distinguished guests mind you. So, he issues a royal decree which could not be repealed. His wife, Vashti would never again be allowed to enter his presence.  

After the anger subsides and the decision has been made, the regret seeps in. Will you allow your pride to make you issue a decree that can’t be reversed? Will your tongue issue a check that your mouth can’t cash? When the flesh cools and you begin to operate in the Spirit, you will realize that you have allowed the enemy to use you against yourself. When the fury subsides, you will then remember the spirit. Will it be too late? Stay out of your flesh and in the spirit. This is warfare. We can’t afford to keep making fatal fleshly mistakes.

Esther 2:1 NIV “Later when King Xerxes’ fury had subsided, he remembered Vashti and what she had done and what he had decreed about her.”

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