“Breaking” Circumstances Can’t Break You

At women’s Bible study, I had a spiritual epiphany. Yes, AGAIN. Two different group leaders mentioned the word “broken.” They both said at different times that there were women in the room who were broken. As I discreetly glanced around the room, I had a spiritual epiphany:

I’m not broken anymore.

But wait… understand this. Some of the things and situations that caused me to be broken before have not changed. But God changed ME. Is that amazing?

The enemy has “spirit washed” us into believing that external “breaking” circumstances have to keep us in a broken state.

My husband left or is cheating or doesn’t love me or wants to leave…I’m broken. I don’t have any money or credit. I’m broken. I’ve never been promoted or my job is undesirable. I’m broken. My children are drinking, doing drugs, and promiscuous. I’m broken. I’m single with no prospects. I’m broken. I have an incurable disease. I’m broken. I’m a single parent or I come from a single parent home. I’m broken.

You can be in physically, mentally, and emotionally breaking situations and not be broken in your spirit. I have to fight in the spirit for God to keep me on this Highway. I have to study and fast and pray and give and obey for God to heal and deliver me. I have to allow the Holy Spirit to transform my life – moment by moment. I exchanged my brokenness, bitterness, and resentment for the peace of God.

Renounce brokenness today. Believers don’t have to remain in a broken state. Your “breaking” circumstances can remain broken and YOU can still be whole. Exchange your brokenness for the peace of God right now. Stop letting Satan and his attacks break you. Dr.J.

2 thoughts on ““Breaking” Circumstances Can’t Break You”

  1. Yes Lord!!! I’ve given it all to God and trust him to fight these battles!!! I’ve been bent all kinds of ways but never will I be broken!!! With God by my side, I can weather any storm!!! I truly needed and appreciate this word Sis!!! BUT GOD!!!

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