Wives, Don’t Be Scared by Dr.Jené Walker

Wives fear will cause you to go into “self-preservation mode.” Fear will stifle you from giving your whole heart. Fear will cause you to withhold and withdraw. Fear will cause you to consider the thoughts that the enemy plants in your mind about what “he” is or is not doing. Fear makes you entertain foolishness about “him” from so called friends. Fear makes you devise a “backup” plan. Fear makes you “run” to protect yourself as if God needs help in that area. Fear makes you keep a secret account and…a secret lover.

Fear says, “Do not submit to ‘him.’ Do not honor ‘him.’ Cut ‘him’ down.” Fear causes you not to give him compliments because he may get complacent. Fear makes you compensate by developing an air of superiority- “I make more. I’m more educated. My title is more. My background is more. I’m more organized.”

Fear makes you check phones and phone records. Fear makes you follow and spy. Fear makes you paranoid that he may leave so you sabotage so you can say, “I ended this.”

Fear is a subtle slick sickening evil spirit that we have given too much power in our marriages but not anymore. Wives, we cast out the spirit of fear right now in the name of Jesus. We love our husbands with everything in us. God is in control, not our emotions. Jené Elaine Walker 

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