“Husbands Stop Cutting Off Your Prayers: Part III” by Dr.Jené Walker

Husbands don’t jeopardize your inheritance of favor from God. An heir is a person who is “legally entitled to the property or rank of another, a successor, beneficiary; a person inheriting.” You may hinder your prayers if you don’t understand that your wife is your “joint” heir. For your prayers to go through, follow God’s instructions on how to be with your wife as joint heir.

Together as heirs of the grace of life (NKJV), treat your wife as an heir with you (NIV), and realize that you are joint heirs of the grace (God’s unmerited favor) of life (AMP).

Because you are married, your inheritance is tied to your relationship with your wife and to your obedience. Your unity ties you and your wife as heirs of the favor of God. Your unity joins you together for an inheritance of favor. Your union seals your right to your inheritance from God. When you’re favored, she is favored. If one is favored and the other isn’t, check the status of your union and obedience.

Can two walk together unless they agree? It is difficult to walk into your inheritance and favor when the two of you are not in agreement. When you operate out of order in your roles and positions in the marriage and in your relationship with God, it is difficult to walk toward your inheritance.

Husbands, your prayers have been ineffective because you’ve been trying to reign over your wife with an iron fist. Your wife is just as royal as you are. Treat her as your partner in royalty. God has promises He wants to manifest in your lives but you two are disjointed. He has another level of love, passion, and ministry for you but you are not in agreement with your wife. Share your inheritance of favor with her; it is rightfully hers too. Allow God to transform your heart so you can walk in agreement with your wife. Be obedient. Your wife is your joint heir.  Jené Elaine Walker


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