“Husbands Stop Cutting Off Your Prayers: Part II” by Dr.Jené Walker


You’re a great husband. You work hard, you come home, and help with cooking and cleaning. Do you know how to truly honor your wife? For your prayers to go through, follow God’s instructions on how to honor your wife.

Give honor to your wife as the weaker vessel (NKJV), treat your wife with respect as the weaker partner (NIV), and honor the woman as [physically] the weaker (AMP).

Honor is what we give to that we value. It is something that comes from the inside of you and is expressed in how you treat your wife. You hold her in high esteem because of her title. Some people rise to their feet to show honor. Others bow to their knees to show honor. Some use certain words of high esteem to address another that they honor. Some give their money to another to show them honor. Some recognize another on special days to demonstrate the honor they have for them. Spiritual leaders receive a double portion of honor from those who respect and honor them. Which displays of honor does your wife deserve?

Honor cannot be based on how your wife acts because she will mess up sometimes. But husbands honor their  wives simply because she is the “wife.” Because you found your wife – a suitable mate – you automatically obtain favor from God. The fact that she was created to add value to your life makes her worthy of receiving your honor. You recognize her as your weaker partner so you take care of her. You are not condescending toward her because you understand how she helps you fulfill your purpose.

Your prayers were cut off because you haven’t given honor to your wife. Allow God to transform your heart right now so you can begin to honor and respect your wife. Be obedient. Honor your wife. Your wife is your partner, your family. Jené Elaine Walker

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