“Husbands Stop Cutting Off Your Prayers: Part I” by Dr.Jené Walker


Husbands, do you feel like your prayers are being hindered or cut off? Do you feel like you haven’t been able to pray an “effective” prayer? God requires specific actions for husbands in order for your prayers to go through. Your actions are not contingent on what your wives do or do not do. You have to be accountable to God for your actions.

Dwell with your wife with understanding (NKJV), be considerate (NIV), and live considerately with intelligent recognition of the marriage relation (AMP).

To dwell means to live with in a fixedly or permanent state. Husbands, some wives just aren’t confident that you’ll be there for them. You’ve left and come back or threatened to leave so much that they are skeptical. Some wives aren’t sure if you will be here until death do us part.

Also, God says to dwell with understanding and be considerate. Husbands you have to listen to your wife, get to know her needs, and talk to and communicate with her regularly. Consider her earthly needs and meet them. Also, consider her spiritual needs and wash her in the Word of God. God expects you to understand the marriage relation. Your wife is your family.

Husbands, stop getting your prayers cut off by being inconsistent, inconsiderate, controversial, and confrontational. Dwell with your wife with understanding. “Otherwise, you can’t pray effectively” (1 Peter 3:7, AMP).  Jené Elaine Walker

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